Stationary two-stage screw type high pressure air compressor

Energy Saving Two Stage Rotary Screw High pressure Air CompressorI. Two stage compression energy saving advantages:1.The intaked air flow after compressed by the first stage compression, connect with large amount oil mist then cool fast, and then goes into the second stage compression system to be compressed and discharged, more

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Energy Saving Two Stage Rotary Screw High pressure Air Compressor

Stationary Two Stage Rotary Screw High Pressure Air Compressor

I. Two stage compression energy saving advantages:
1.The intaked air flow after compressed by the first stage compression, connect with large amount oil mist then cool fast, and then goes into the second stage compression system to be compressed and discharged, more energy saving than one stage compression type.
2. Adopt internal spray oil cooling type, enable air isothermal compression, saving energy by 8%.
3. Each stage compression ratio is as low as 3:1, little internal leakage, improving efficiency by15%.
4. Adopt German rotor screw air end, big rotor and low rotary speed designing, Working reliable, low noise, long use life.
5. Have fixed frequency type (TKL series) and permanent magnetic motor with frequency conversion one-piece shaft type (TKLYC series).

II. TKL series of two stage compression twin screw air compressor
Advantages of the whole unit air compressor:
1. Approved by ISO9001certificate, SGS and etc..
2. Adopt special design electric motor, IE2 or IE3 standard, and SKF heavy bearing, IP54, high efficiency, reliable and long use life.
3. Adopt world famous brand of air intake filter, oil filter, air and oil separator, realize high filtration accuracy, compressed air oil content under 3ppm, reach to international advanced standard level.
4. Equip with the most advanced air control system. Adopt air intake valve, intelligent control system and pressure sensor combined control method, can operate by ON and OFF two point, stepless air capacity control system, time-delay stop and automatically start device three air capacity control method, can meet different clients demand.
5. Intelligent microcomputer control system, Chinese and English language operation interface, malfunction display, alarm and machine stop automatically.
6. Adopt high quality and world famous brand of main components like UK APD filter, America AMOT temperature controlling valve, SCHNEIDER electric parts and etc., high efficiency, reliable and long use life.

Technical parameter:
Model  Exhause pressure (Mpa)Air displacemen  (m3/min)Power (Kw)Noise (dBa)Dimensions (mm)Outlet pipe sizeWeight (Kg)

III. TKLYC series of Permanent magnetic frequency conversion two stage screw air compressor
Energy saving advantages of permanent magnetic frequency conversion screw air end:

1. Adopt One-piece shaft connection structure for the permanent magnetic motor and the air end
★Permanent magnetic Motor's rotor is directly sleeved on shaft of the air end, embedded integrated direct-connecting structure, without coupling part or transmission gear part, namely one-piece shaft, ensuring of 100% transmission efficiency.
★Taper connection is adopted for motor, and it can be assembled and disassembled very simply.
2. Adopt permanent magnetic frequency conversion electric motor
★Permanent magnetic frequency conversion motor is the most advanced technical electric motor, efficiency can be up to 97%, higher by 3%-5% than ordinary motor with frequency conversion device type, saving energy a lot obviously.
★Permanent magnetic electric motor adopts high temperature resistance rare earth permanent magnet to ensure no demagnetization. Without motor bearing or sleeve, so no need lubricating grease, no need concern alignment problem, compact structure, saving space, convenient use and maintenance.
3. Wide frequency conversion, constant pressure air feeding
★Frequency application scope (0HZ-200HZ) is wide, and motor efficiency under different load is basically constant.
★The motor is big torque, strong adaptability and loaded startup.
★The whole machine work under frequency conversion state, and can operate frequency modulation according to the client's actual requirement of air consumption at constant pressure, realizing high efficiency and energy saving.
4. Running stable and reliable
★Machine starting up under frequency conversion state, greatly reducing the impacting to the power grid equipment, avoiding of damage to the electric equipment and saving electric energy when starting.
★No need to set working pressure up and bottom limit value, can operate by regulating the frequency at the setting pressure point to stabilize the pressure, so can save electric energy by 10%-15%.
5. Energy saving a lot obviously
 Compared with the fixed speed type compressor, our permanent magnetic frequency conversion compressor can save energy by 30%; compared with the ordinary motor with frequency device  type compressor, our compressor can save energy by 5%-10%.

TypeExhause pressure (Mpa)Air displacemen (m3/min)Power (Kw)Noise (dBa)Dimensions (mm)Outlet pipe sizeWeight (Kg)
TKLYC-15F-II0.8/1.0/1.32.7/2.3/2.215661600*900*1300G1 1/2800
TKLYC-18F-II0.8/1.0/1.33.5/3.0/2.518.5661600*900*1300G1 1/2840
TKLYC-22F-II0.8/1.0/1.34.0/3.5/3.022661600*900*1300G1 1/2860
TKLYC-30F-II0.8/1.0/1.36.4/5.0/4.230681800*1500*1510G1 1/21100
TKLYC-37F-II0.8/1.0/1.37.0/6.0/5.537681800*1500*1510G1 1/21100

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Stationary Two Stage Rotary Screw High Pressure Air Compressor


After sales service:
1. Providing professional air compression program designing for free.
2. Providing our factory original machine parts at lowest price after machine sales.
3. Providing training and guidance for free, customers can send their staff to our factory to learn how to operate the machines.
4. Warranty period: the screw main machine is one year, the bearing is one year, the wear parts of air intake valve, electric components, electromagnetic valve, rate valve are 6 months
5. The air filter, oil filter, oil-water separator, lubricating oil, rubber parts and etc. are not included in warranty range.

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Stationary Two Stage Rotary Screw High Pressure Air Compressor

Q1: Are you factory or trade company?  
A1: We are factory.
Q2: Warranty terms of your machine? 
A2: One year warranty for the machine and technical support according to your needs.
Q3: Will you provide some spare parts of the machines? 
A3: Yes, of course.
Q4: How long will you take to arrange production? 
A4: 380V 50HZ we can delivery the goods within 20 days. Other electricity or other color we will delivery within 30 days.
Q5: Can you accept OEM orders? 
A5: Yes, with professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome!

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