TermoSalud to launch into UK at Professional Beauty London

2023-04-14 15:34:28 By : Mr. Leon Ye

This month sees the launch of a new range of products from TermoSalud, the leading Spanish aesthetic technology manufacturer.

TermoSalud was established 35 years ago. It is the largest supplier of aesthetic lasers and technology in Spain and sells in over 40 countries worldwide. This is TermoSalud’s first entry to the UK and the company is excited about bringing advanced and innovative devices to the market.  Em Slim

TermoSalud to launch into UK at Professional Beauty London

Eneka Pro is a powerful 5000W diode laser with a large spot size, making it exceptionally fast for hair removal. 

It offers a range of spot sizes and wavelengths of 755nm and 808nm, allowing it to be customised for each client and body area. 

With its ultra-short pulse duration, it is effective on both thick, dark hair and lighter fine hairs and can treat all skin types. 

Eneka Pro is a medical-grade laser designed and manufactured under TermoSalud ISO 13485 quality certification. It is entirely manufactured at the company’s facility in Spain.

As well as offering a market-leading diode laser for hair removal, the TermoSalud product range includes the innovative Zionic rotational resistive radiofrequency device for body sculpting. 

This award-winning device has proven hugely popular in other markets and offers outstanding results on skin tightening, lipolysis and cellulite. 

When combined with TermoSalud’s VMAT shockwave device the results on cellulite improvement surpass other existing technologies.

TermoSalud’s research and development team has also developed the first radiofrequency device for face and scalp treatment. Using innovative applicators and protocols, Symmed can treat face, neck and scalp for total rejuvenation and hair loss.  

This non-invasive treatment can strengthen and stimulate hair growth. Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading trichologists, Symmed offers a solution to one of most in-demand issues.

TermoSalud will be exhibiting at Professional Beauty London at ExCeL on April 3–4. For more information TermoSalud online.

TermoSalud to launch into UK at Professional Beauty London

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